Self Care Association


Self Care Association is the professional body of the Exercise and Self Care Coach (EXSECC)

Graduates of the EXSECC Diploma course will be eligible to join the Self Care Association (SCA). The SCA membership will include several benefits that would help you as an EXSECC practitioner:

  • Low cost professional indemnity insurance for EXSECC practitioners
  • Support and legal advice through SCA’s association with TheraLaw
  • Appear on EXSECC recognised list of practitioners

Additionally you will receive practical tools that will support your EXSECC work:

  • Free cloud space to safely store all your clients’ case histories
  • A diagnostic app to help you identify the client’s condition

Self Care Association has several other important functions:

  • Promote self care in society
  • Promote the Exercise and Self Care Coach as a profession
  • Maintain and develop the professional and care standards of EXSECC
  • Represent the needs and interests of EXSECC professionals
  • Support research in self care projects