about us


The EXSECC course is the brainchild of Dr. Eyal Lederman, an osteopath and PhD in physiotherapy. For over 20 years Dr Lederman and his colleagues have been providing professional development courses to physical therapists including physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports and massage therapists and personal trainers (www.cpdo.net). Recently, this has been expanded to include acupuncture and dry needling courses (www.cpdaonline.com). The two centres run over 40 courses a year in the UK and internationally, with more than 1,200 students attending courses annually. This wealth of experience in education and course management has been used to develop and provide the two-year EXSECC programme.

Self Care Education Ltd and Exercise and Self Care Coach Ltd. were set up in 2013 to provide the two-year EXSECC training programme. This has been created in the light of current research demonstrating that when patients are provided with good management they can initiate and maintain effective self-care activities that can help to improve their condition. We felt that existing remedial care courses for personal trainers, massage and sports therapists lack sufficient depth, are often outdated and do not provide adequate clinical training for effective and safe management of clients presenting with musculoskeletal conditions.  
To provide a course at the highest level we have brought in medically trained experts (osteopaths, physiotherapists and psychotherapists) to develop and deliver the EXSECC programme. The teaching team is composed of individuals who have extensive experience in education. They all have MSc or PhD qualifications. Several have been involved in musculoskeletal and pain research and most have many years’ experience in clinical work.